Chaplaincy members may remember our Harvest Festival at Margon in September 2018, when Bishop Todd McGregor and his wife Revd Patsy, from The Episcopal Church, were with us and Bishop Todd preached. They were based then in Madagascar, where Bishop Todd had been the founding bishop of the Toliara Diocese. The Toliara Diocese grew rapidly and two of our members, Jane and John Griffin, are very involved there.

The McGregors have since retired, but we are continuing our link by working towards being "twinned" with the parish of Fenoarivo. Carol Gardner and Phyl Mallett are our "link leaders".  Our chosen parish was led by Revd Florent who was ordained priest on Sunday April 3rd at the Cathedral in Toliara (photos below).

We have just heard (7 May 2022) that Revd Florent has been quite ill. He needs an operation but before he can receive the surgery he has to regain some of his strength. Therefore the Diocese has taken him back to Toliara where he will have his surgery. After the surgery, Revd Florent will serve Andranovory Parish, as the roads are too difficult for him to continue in Fenoarivo. The good news is that Revd Delphin, who speaks English, will be taking over the parish of Fenoarivo. Please pray for Rev Florent and Rev Delphin.

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