A Church of England Near You!

The main website of the church of England features a service that allows you to  find a C of E church close to where you are living or visiting. It contains information about parish churches and the services and events that take place there. 

It's a great help to visitors to have accurate information about the churches they might want to visit. 

The site helps people find out:

  • which parish they live in (based on the post code search, this is useful for weddings and funerals as well as general churchgoing
  • their nearest church (its distance from their own location and its position on a map)
  • what it is like
  • what events and services are happening
  • who to contact to find out more

The site lists:

  • 16,000 Church of England churches 
  • 69,000 services and events 
  • 5,000 messages sent to churches each month
  • 266,000 unique visits to the site per month

To access the site, click the blue button