Confidential Emergency Contacts

If you're ill or have an accident it's quite likely that someone from the church will get to know about it, possibly before your family. But, if your family or friends need to be contacted, we probably won't know how to do that. To try to help with this we are offering to store their contact details for you.

If you like this idea, please give details of people to be contacted to Patricia, who will store them safely and confidentially. Also please let your people know that we have their details and give them the Chaplaincy details as well, so that they can contact us if they are worried about you.  Contact details are here.

If somebody thinks a relative needs to be contacted then Patricia, Roger or Nigel will do this. The contact details will not be divulged to the person who has raised the concern.

A similar system applies, by the way, should you ask us to put you in contact with another member of the congregation. Your details will not be divulged: Patricia, Roger or Nigel will pass on a message.