Caring for Creation

During 2021, our chaplaincy considered what we can do to care for God’s wonderful world, which is being endangered by his people, particularly those of us in the developed West.

Our diocese, the Diocese in Europe, has registered to become an Eco-Diocese within the Eco-Church scheme and asks us all to do our bit.

In Lent our members followed the York “Caring for Creation” course and began to identify what practical steps our chaplaincy can take. As we don’t own the building in which we worship, there is little we can do there to save energy, etc, but we committed to changes we can make at the Temple, at home and in our lifestyles.

Cora Hopkins and a friend with expertise in the field considered the issues of reducing carbon emissions and carbon offsetting. Their full report may be read by clicking HERE. Their recommendation for us locally was to extend our lifestyle changes to include, for instance, supporting local organic farmers via schemes such as, something we began in the Autumn.

Jim Mallett, one of our Archdeaconry Synod representatives, attended a Zoom meeting in December, which gave messages of hope. Click HERE to read his report with recommendations of two websites and a book.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Maybe what we can each do is small but let’s do it, giving thanks that we have the choice and the opportunity and rejoicing that we live in such a beautiful environment here in the Hérault.