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Life at All Saints focuses around the service of Holy Communion.  The regular service is on the second Sunday of the month at 10.30 am, but there are often services or events at other times, especially on notable days in the Church's year, eg Easter, Christmas and Lent.  Please check the "Diary" tab on this website for the complete picture.  The service follows the order laid down in Common Worship introduced in 2000 and varies with the seasons of the Church's Year.  Occasionally we use the 1662 version from the Book of Common Prayer.

Holy Communion

We are a mixed group of people of different ages, backgrounds and traditions.  We are made up of believing Christians and those who are "just looking".  Whatever your reason you are most welcome to join us at any of our services and we hope you will be able to stay behind afterwards for chat and a cup of coffee.  If you already receive Communion in another Church, then you are most welcome to do so with us.

Baptism, Confirmation, Marriages and Funeral services

The pastoral care of All Saint's Hérault is especially important to us. Whilst acknowledging that we are a church in France and thus subject to French laws and customs, we are happy to undertake Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Funeral servicesaccording to Church of England traditions.

If you would like further information, please click this Link to be taken to another page.

Safeguarding People

We support in full the policy of the Church of England Diocese in Europe on safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.  We are committed to the highest standards of morality and care in our dealings with all people, regardless of age, race, status or vulnerability.

The safeguarding officer is independent of the clergy, church council and the congregation. 

Contact Details for Church safeguarding officer are:

Name: Jenny Morgan


Please see full safeguarding statement by clicking on the word LINK

Prayer Group

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month from 10.30 - 11.30 am at the Monastery of St Joseph, 2 km north of the village of Puimisson, just off the D909.  We start with a selection of readings and prayers, followed by a period of silent meditation and conclude by singing a hymn.  If you would like further information please contact Jenny Morgan on

Breakfast Club 

This meets on the first Sunday of the month at a rotating venue. Please see the "Breakfast club" webpage for a particular month's venue.  It starts at 9.45 am, when we meet to share a simple breakfast and chat informally.  We read short extracts from the Bible, followed by a discussion.  We conclude by singing a hymn and finish at 11.25 am.  For further information, please see the "Breakfast club" webpage. 

The Lent Course and Lent Lunch

Each year a Lent Course is organised, followed by a Lent Lunch, and you are most welcome to attend either or both.  Details are published on this website in the Spring.  In 2014 we used a course by Hilary Brand, which involved extracts from the film "The King's Speech" to trigger discussion and reflection.

Church Electoral Roll

To vote in elections for church wardens and for members of the church council, you need to be 16 or over and baptised. You also need to comply with one of the following criteria: -  

A member of the Church of England (or of a Church in communion with the Church of England) and either normally resident in the Hèrault or attend public worship at St Pargoire during the period of six months prior to enrolment; 


A member in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and be able to declare yourself to be a member of the Church of England and that you have habitually attended public worship in the church during the period of six months prior to enrolment. 

If you fulfil the requirements and would like to vote in future elections, please go to the “Church Paperwork" tab, locate the file entitled “Electoral Roll”, download it and follow the instructions.

For informational purposes, revisions to the Electoral Roll have to be completed 15 days before the church AGM or EGM, so that the latest version of the register is available for viewing 14 days before any elections take place.

Voting & Nomination Forms

Voting and Nomination forms can also be found under the "Church Paperwork" tab. Nomination forms are available on this website for election of members to the Church Council; for the post of churchwarden and to become our representative on the Diocesan  Synod.

The Music Team

Alison, Bobby, and Carole meet together to choose the hymns for our services.  They aim for a mixture of traditional and modern to reflect the diversity of our church membership and choose material that fits in with the theme of the service. 

Working with other Churches

We work in co-operation with other churches in the area.  An afternoon Carol Service is organised on the second Sunday in December at Fontès Church in co-operation with Simply Church and the Catholic Church.  We also join with the Catholic Church and L'Église Protestante unie de France (formerly the Église Reformée) for the Service of Christian Unity, which is held in January in the village of St Pargoire.

Charities supported by our Church

The church supports a number of charities. For a number of charities, we continue to support them on an 0n-going basis. Others, we support on an ad-hoc basis. A list of the charities may be found under the "Links" tab. Where we have "News" regarding the charities we supported, it is published under the "Grapevine" and then News- St. Pargoire" tab. 

Social Events

Alison and Ros are responsible for organising a range of Social Events during the course of the year.  Details are always posted on this website.

The Church Organisation

We became a chaplaincy in the Church of England in January 2013 and are part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe.  The rules of governance are almost identical to those applying to any Church of England parish.  We have two Churchwardens and the congregation elects members to serve on the Chaplaincy Council.  There is an Annual General Meeting in January when reports are presented together with audited accounts.  The congregation is an "Association Cultuelle" and an "Association Culturelle" and complies with French Law.

The Church Building

The building belongs to the Église Protestante unie de France, which is a French Protestant Church that has an intercommunion agreement with the Church of England.  Our host Church have made us very welcome and we donate funds each year to help maintain the building.

Church History

The Church grew from a Home Eucharist Group in October 2003 that later used the church at Conas for its services.  It held its first Service at St Pargoire in March 2010.

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Church Administration Specific Information

Coffee Making Duties

You will need:-

Biscuits (or mini cakes)
2 litres of milk
A carton of fruit juice                                          

This should be ample for 40 to 50

You do NOT need to bring sugar, coffee or tea bags as those are available in the kitchen at St Pargoire. All cups, jugs, glasses etc are there, as well as the coffee urn.

You need to be at the Temple at least 20 minutes before the service to make sure you get the cups etc out of the cupboard, and to set up the coffee machine. At the present numbers the urn needs to have water up to the 45 mark.

Make sure the middle spindle and filter are well positioned otherwise the lid will not clip under the handles properly. (To secure the lid in the grooves in the handle, you must turn the lid in a CLOCKWISE direction) Plug the urn in and switch it on at the bottom once the coffee has been added

This is not a one-person job, but you are likely to find helpers willing to hand round the coffee and biscuits and to wash up afterwards, also to stow away everything at the end. 

There is always someone there to open the door and to show you where everything is, so please do not worry! Just don’t forget the biscuits, milk and fruit juice!!

The bin bags must not be put in the bins near the church as they are private and we have had a few complaints.

If you have any other question, please contact me.

Patricia Bigot