Euro Pledge Form

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To download the form, click on the PDF symbol below, which will open the file. Print off a copy of the document, sign it and send it to:

L'Église Anglicane de Tous les Saints dans l'Hérault,  30 avenue de Canet, 34230 Le Pouget.

Instructions and notes:

The "French Reçu Fiscal Pack" consists of a single document, the "Euros Pledge Form" which is basically designed to enable us to track and account for planned giving in Euros by donors who are tax resident in France. It also constitutes evidence of the donor's intentions which we are required to hold to justify the issue of a reçu fiscal.

The document constitutes a moral rather than a legal undertaking however we do require intending donors to print-out, complete and sign it in hard copy and return to the following address:

L'Église Anglicane de Tous les Saints dans l'Hérault

30 avenue de Canet

34230 Le Pouget

Although the form gives an option for payment by cheque or by virement bancaire, by far the most convenient (and cheapest!) arrangement would be for donors to set up a standing virement bancaire on their French bank account themselves by electronic banking.

If this method is elected, and we urge that it is, the need for cheques falls away. 

The Euros Pledge Form allows donors to indicate that they have chosen this method and to enable them to do so details of the Chaplaincy bank account are included in the form.

We hope this is clear but should you have any problems please contact the Churchwardens.


Hello everybody.

This message is about money, because there is now a more efficient way for you to make your donations to the work of our chaplaincy, All Saints Hérault.

This is through the kindness (!) of the French and/or British tax systems. Many of you will know that in the UK the gift-aid scheme enables a church to claim money from the tax authorities, which increases your donation at no cost to you. In the French system it works the other way around, as I am sure most of you also know: you give money to the charity and then claim at least two-thirds back on your personal taxes, using Tax Receipts issued by the charity as your evidence for the donation.

I am pleased to tell you that our chaplaincy has now received permission from the French authorities to issue Tax Receipts (Reçus Fiscaux) for donations to the chaplaincy. If you pay French income tax, you are permitted to reduce your tax bill by 66% of your donation, to a limit of 20% of your income.

So, for example, if you choose to give 10€ a month to All Saints (120€ a year), it will cost you 40€80 a year after the tax adjustment. You might even feel able to increase your gifts to All Saints!

Roger XXX