News Saint Pargoire - Wine Auction in aid of Water Aid

After a wonderful shared lunch kindly hosted by Monica and Simon at Domaine des Trinites, Simon accomplished a long held wish to be an auctioneer. The proceeds of auctioning his "bin ends" are all going to Water Aid.

Here is Simon's email to everyone at All Saints:

Dear all, 

We are so happy to have hosted you all here yesterday, the service was wonderful and it was great to catch up with everyone afterwards.

A big thank you to everyone for getting involved with the auction for WaterAid! I can reveal that the auction raised €660 in total. So the €330 plus €51.50 in donations on the day, €381.5 rounded up to €400 will be winging it's way to some very needy projects toute suite! 

Love and best wishes, 

Simon, Monica and Alice