Web links

The web-links on this siteare divided into four categories, each of which can be accessed by clicking on the Icons below.

The categories are:
Websites that fall under the umbrella of the Church of England
Christian organisations locally to St. Pargoire and further afield
Christian Prayer sites
Charities supported by St Pargoire

Clicking on the above image will take you to a series of websites, all of whom fall under the general Church of England umbrella. 

Clicking on the above icon will take you to the web links of the charities supported by our Church. For each of the charities, you will find a brief description of the charity and a link to the charity's website. 
Clicking on the above image will take you to a series of websites of Christian organisations, both locally and slightly further away from the Hérault.
Clicking on the above icon will take you to a number  of Christian Internet prayer sites, including the "daily prayer" from the Church of England website.