Lent course for 2018

This year's Lent Course, starting on Wednesday 21 February, is based on the life and work of CS Lewis. It's by Hilary Brand and two films are used, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and 'Shadowlands'

Not a Tame Lion - a Lent course on C S Lewis' Narnia films by Hilary Brand.

A quote from C S Lewis: “A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

The Narnia films give you a compelling opportunity to open up the Bible using the popularity of the films and their underlying Christian message. Movie lovers who might never otherwise open the Bible, never mind attend a Lent study course, will be attracted to a discussion group centred on the movies and on the bio-pic of their author, C S Lewis. 

Hilary Brand’s Lent course ‘Not A Tame Lion’ builds on the wide appeal of two Narnia films: ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘Prince Caspian’ together with the moving film of C S Lewis later life ‘Shadowlands’. Using scenes from all three movies, ‘Not A Tame Lion’ gives you a weekly look what’s really going on in the stories and throws down the challenge to take it further.

‘Not A Tame Lion’ gives you the outline and leader notes for five sessions of watching extracts from the films, talking about them and using these discussions to open up the Bible and their big Christian themes.

Each of the five sessions – one for each week of Lent includes an author’s introduction, a recommended film scene and questions for the group to discuss. Extra ideas and material for private exploration let you keep the group focussed throughout the week until your next meeting.

Five group discussions explore themes of suffering, God’s absence and the gift of the present in Christ. They delve into God’s apparent absence and the gift of the present moment. Looking deeper into Lewis’ insightful writing, Hilary Brand’s notes use the films to explore even the difficult ideas of heaven, judgement, and the force of evil. A bonus session - “Living in a sceptical age”, sensitively explores an approach to the disbelief of others and how to deal with our own personal doubts.

For experienced Christians, following ‘Not A Tame Lion’ as a Lent course is a reminder that God is not to be contained by the constraints and limitations Christians would put on him:  “We would all like a religion that kept us within our comfort zone. But just as the Aslan of the Narnia stories is not a tame lion, neither is the Christ of the Gospels always a comfortable Saviour, saying things that are often unexpected and challenging.


Wednesday 21st February - Venue to be confirmed

Wednesday 28th February - Venue to be confirmed 

Wednesday 7th March - Venue to be confirmed

Wednesday 14th March - Venue to be confirmed 

Wednesday 21st March - Venue to be confirmed

Each of the he sessions will be followed by a frugal lunch of soup, bread, a glass of wine and some fruit. All monies from the Lent group lunches will be donated to charity