Coronavirus in the Hérault

This page has been created to host information on coronavirus in the Hérault

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Please remember that if you have to go out, for example to the chemist or the Supermarket, to attend a medical appointment or even walk the dog, you must have an Attestation per person to justify why you are not at home. If you are stopped and can not produce an Attestation, you are liable to a fine up to €135. Each person must have an Attestation. You must also have formal ID with you.

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Message from Bishop Robert

Please find below a link to a video from Bishop Robert, as published on the Diocesan website this afternoon.  Please circulate this as widely as possible.

Please take good care of yourselves and those around you,

Travel and movement restrictions from midday today, 17th March. If you have to go out, you must print this certificate and take it with you

Below is an English translation of the advice contained on the website.  In essence, if you have to go out, you must carry this certificate with you, completed as appropriate.  In this email we provide a link to the certificate, and, separately a translation of the French text against each box, to enable you to tick the right box.  

Here is the website advice updated Tuesday March 17th, 01:30 am:

Coronavirus Information

On March 16th 2020 the President of the Republic decided to take action to reduce contact and movement as far as possible.  A confinement order has been put in place over the entire French territory as of Tuesday March 17th at 12:00 midnight, for at least two weeks.  Moving about is forbidden except in the following cases, and only if you carry a completed certificate:

•    Travelling from their home to your work-place when working from home is not possible;

•    Making purchases that are absolutely necessary, in close-by authorised commercial establishments (list on the website;

•    Visiting a doctor's office;

•    Travelling to take care of children or to help at-risk people, as long as long as the rules are respected;

•    Doing individual physical exercise in the vicinity of your home and without any gathering.

Breaking these rules will incur a fine of from 38 to 135 Euros.

Please download the certificate here.

The translation of the certificate is below:

Certificate of movement

In application of article 1 of the decree of the 16th March 2020 regarding the regulation of movements in the context of the fight against the spread of the Covid 19 virus :

I, the undersigned
Date of birth

certify that my movement is for the following reason (tick the box), authorised by article 1 of the decree of the 16th March 2020 regarding the regulation of movements in the context of the fight against the spread of the Covid 19 virus :

  • travel between home and place of work, when the activities are indispensable and cannot be organised in the form of working from home (justification needed) or professional travel that cannot be deferred;
  • travel to make essential purchases in authorised establishments;
  • travel for health reasons;
  • travel for urgent family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable individuals or for childcare;
  • short trips, close to home, related to individual physical activity, excluding all collective sports, and for pets’ needs

Signed in (location) , the (date)



Please find attached a messaged from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. It is addressed in the first instance to churches in England, but much of the advice and the ideas it contains are applicable to our own Diocese in Europe (always subject, of course, to the laws of the regions and countries in which we operate).