Annual General Meeting for 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place after the service on Sunday 22 March. It will be followed by a shared lunch.

On this page is the formal Notice that the Meeting will be taking place; the proposed Agenda; Nomination papers for the open positions; Our Chaplain's report for 2019; Annual report and Accounts for 2019 and shortly, voting papers. 

NOTICE OF ANNUAL CHAPLAINCY  MEETING - Chaplaincy of All Saints, Hérault

The Annual Chaplaincy Meeting will be held in the Temple de l'Église Protestante Unie de France, Saint-Pargoire on the 22nd day of March, 2020 at 11.45 a.m.

For the election of Chaplaincy representatives of the laity as follows:

To be churchwardens of the Chaplaincy: 2 representatives

To the Chaplaincy  Council: 2 representatives.

To attend the Archdeaconry Synod: 2 representatives

For the appointment of the independent examiner (auditor) of the Chaplaincy's accounts.

For the consideration of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Council, comprising inter alia reports on

(a) Changes in the electoral roll  since the last Chaplaincy Meeting;

(b) The proceedings of the Chaplaincy Council and the activities of the Chaplaincy generally;

(c) The Financial Statements of the Council for the year ending on the 31st December immediately preceding the meeting, independently audited

(d) Changes in the fabric, goods and ornaments of the chaplaincy;

(e) The proceedings of the Archdeaconry Synod;

(f) Developments in Diocesan and Chaplaincy Safeguarding policy and practices

For the consideration of the Report of the Chaplain.

For the consideration of other matters of Chaplaincy or general Church interest.

The Agenda of the Meeting, together with notes detailing the necessary qualifications of nominees for election and a form of application for a postal vote, is attached.


Nigel Summersall                                  

Vice-Chairman & Secretary to the Chaplaincy Council 15th February, 2019


1.             Opening prayer

2.             Completion of sign-in sheet

3.             Appointment of the Chairman of the Meeting

4.             Appointment of Minute-taker

5.             Appointment of Presiding Officer for the elections to be held at the meeting

6.             Approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting  held on 24th March, 2019

7.             Election of:

•      2 churchwardens,

•      2 lay representatives to the Arcdeaconry

•      2 lay members of the Chaplaincy Council

8.             Acceptance of the Annual Report & Accounts 2019

9.             Appointment of an Independent Examiner (Auditor)

10.         Discharge of outgoing Council from financial or civil liability

11.         Consideration of the Chaplain’s Report for 2019

12.         Discussion

13.         Closing prayer

Nomination Papers

Synod representatives

Chaplaincy Archdeaconry Synod representatives are elected to serve for three years and are ex-officio members of the chaplaincy council.  Representative are expected to attend the synod held annually, usually over 3-4 days in April or May, and report back to council.  At present, synod is alternately in Brittany and in Lyon.  Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the archdeaconry and the chaplaincy respectively. 

Due to the timing of synod and of chaplaincy annual meetings, new reps attend their first synod the year after their election although they will officially become members of the chaplaincy council from 1 June this year.

2020 Synod Rep Nomination_.pdf 2020 Synod Rep Nomination_.pdf
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Chaplaincy Council Representatives

The Chaplaincy Council is the body responsible for the proper operation and functioning of our Chaplaincy. This year two members, Steven and Jenny, will have completed their terms of office. Both are eligible for re-election but Jenny and Steven have decided not to put themselves forward this time. Thus the Council is looking for two new members to join them.

CCC Nomination Form 2020.pdf CCC Nomination Form 2020.pdf
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Church Electoral Roll - Last date for Inclusion is the 7 March 2020

To vote in elections for church wardens and for members of the church council, you need to be 16 or over and baptised. You also need to comply with one of the following criteria: -  

A member of the Church of England (or of a Church in communion with the Church of England) and either normally resident in the Hèrault or attend public worship at St Pargoire during the period of six months prior to enrolment; 


A member in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and be able to declare yourself to be a member of the Church of England and that you have habitually attended public worship in the church during the period of six months prior to enrolment. 

For informational purposes, revisions to the Electoral Roll have to be completed 15 days before the church AGM or EGM, so that the latest version of the register is available for viewing 14 days before any elections take place.

Documents for consideration at the AGM

Roger's report for 2019

Annual Report and Accounts for 2019

Annual Report & Accounts-Corrected.pdf Annual Report & Accounts-Corrected.pdf
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Type : pdf