2016 AGM of the Chaplaincy

Minutes of the 2016 AGM

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The 2016 Annual General meeting of the Chaplaincy took place after the service on 14 February 2016.  The Chaplaincy Council's report and accounts for 2015 and Roger's Priest-in-Charge's report are in 'Reports' below. 

For future reference, nomination forms and postal voting application forms are located in the Forms & Archive Information (Reports) tab. Click here for link.

Notice of Annual Chaplaincy Meeting

Chaplaincy of All Saints, Hérault

The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Temple de l’Église, Protestante Unie de France, Saint-Pargoire on the 14th day of February, 2016 at 11:45 a.m.

To approve the minutes of the General Meeting held on 22nd February 2015

To appoint a Presiding Officer for the elections to be held at the meeting:

For the election of 2 churchwardens;

For the election of Chaplaincy representatives of the laity as follows:

To the Chaplaincy Council 2 representatives.

For the appointment of the Independent Examiner of the Chaplaincy's accounts.

For the consideration of:

(a) A Report on the changes in the electoral roll since the last Chaplaincy Meeting;

(b) A Report on the proceedings of the Chaplaincy Council and the activities of the Chaplaincy generally;

(c) The Financial Statements of the Council for the year ending on the 31st December immediately preceding the meeting, independently audited

(d) A Report upon the fabric, goods and ornaments of the chaplaincy;

(e) A Report on the proceedings of the Archdeaconry Synod;

To receive an update from the Safeguarding Officer on recent developments in Diocesan and Chaplaincy Safeguarding policy and practices

To note the 2015 Pastoral Letter addressed to the Chaplaincy by the Priest-in-Charge

To discharge the outgoing Council from financial or civil liability for their conduct of Chaplaincy affairs during 2015

To discuss these reports and other matters of Chaplaincy or general interest.


1. All persons whose names are entered upon the Electoral Roll of the Chaplaincy (and such persons only) are entitled to vote at the election of Churchwardens and of Chaplaincy representatives of the laity.

2. Subject to the provisions of Church Representation Rules currently in force, a person is qualified to be elected a Chaplaincy representative of the laity if -

(a) his/her name is entered on the electoral roll of the parish and, unless he/she is under the age of sixteen years at the date of the election, has been so entered for at least the preceding period of six months;

(b) he/she is an actual communicant which means that he has received Communion according to the use of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the Church of England at least three times during the twelve months preceding the date of the election; and

(c) he/she is of sixteen years or upwards;

(d) he/she is not disqualified as referred to in paragraph 3 of these Notes.

3. (a) A person shall be disqualified from being nominated, chosen or elected from serving as a warden, a member of a Chaplaincy council, a district council or any synod under these rules if he is disqualified from being a charity trustee under section 72(1) of the Charities Act 1993 and the disqualification is not for the time being subject to a general waiver by the Charity Commissioners under subsection (4) of that section or to a waiver by them under that subsection in respect of all ecclesiastical charities established for purposes relating to the parish concerned.

In this paragraph "ecclesiastical charity" has the same meaning as that assigned to that expression in the Local Government Act 1894;

(b) A person shall also be disqualified from being nominated, chosen or elected from serving as a warden or member of a Chaplaincy council if he has been so disqualified from holding office under section 10(6) of [the Incumbent (Vacation of Benefice) Measure 1997].*9

4. A scheme is in operation in this parish which provides that any person entitled to vote in the elections of Churchwardens, Chaplaincy representatives of the laity to the Chaplaincy Council or to the Archdeaconry Synod or to both that council and that synod may make application on the appropriate form (appended hereunder) to the undersigned for a postal vote. The completed form must be received before the commencement of the Annual Chaplaincy Meeting.

Nigel Summersall
Vice-Chairman, Secretary to the Chaplaincy Council


Chaplaincy of All Saints, Hérault
I (Full Christian name and surname) ......................... of (Full postal address) ..................................... ........................................................................

declare that my name is entered on the electoral roll of the above chaplaincy and I hereby make application for a postal vote in any elections to which postal voting applies to be held at the forthcoming annual chaplaincy meeting.

The voting paper should be sent or delivered to me at the above address OR* at the following address ....................................................................................................

Dated ............................................. 20 ..........
Signed .................................................................................

* delete as appropriate.


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SAFEGUARDING Statement for AGM Feb 14th 2016

We all, as a chaplaincy have a role to play in safeguarding our church community. It is important, therefore that we know what constitutes abusive behaviour, what our duty is if we suspect that abuse is taking place and who to speak to or contact about this.

We need to provide a safe and secure environment for all who meet together here.

Safeguarding covers various groups of people; children, young adults, and the vulnerable adults. It is worth remembering that at different times of our lives we can all be vulnerable to some extent. Hence it is our duty to care about one another.

The main groups of abuse are physical, sexual, emotional and neglect. However, there are less widely recognised groups, financial, organisational, spiritual, modern slavery, domestic violence and abuse, and self-neglect, so it covers a wide range of circumstances.

If you are involved regularly in Chaplaincy organised activities with children, young people or vulnerable adults you may need to be subjected to a Safeguarding check.

If at any time you become aware of any abuse taking place, no matter how slight your concern, then you must bring it to the attention of the Chaplaincy safeguarding officer or the priest in charge or you can report it directly to the diocesan office on a confidential reporting line. You do not have to have proof before you report a safeguarding concern. It is not your duty to investigate the situation.

There is a notice on the church door with the telephone numbers of Roger and myself and e-mail addresses. A copy of this notice appears below on this page.

The new confidential telephone number to the Diocesan office is also displayed, alongside “ childline” and emergency numbers here in France. Also below is a link to the Diocesan website.

On the door of the church, you will find a poster with the Safeguarding policy statement that our chaplaincy has adopted, stating our commitment to the way we treat people within our chaplaincy.

Safeguarding our fellow christians is very important and we each need to take our responsibilities seriously and remember to do our duty should a problem arise.


                                   Jennifer Morgan,   Safeguarding officer.

Reports presented at AGM

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Chaplaincy Council's Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2015

Roger's Priest-in-Charge's Report for 2015, for the AGM on 14 February 2016

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Provisional minutes of the AGM held on 22 February 2015

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